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An intimate ritual of death and rebirth [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
La Vispera de los Muertos

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2008 La Vispera de Los Muertos [Jul. 23rd, 2008|04:20 pm]
La Vispera de los Muertos

The campsite has just been reserved for La Vispera de los Muertos this year...

November 1, 2008
Memorial Park
Wurr Flat Campground #2

Please do let me know if you are interested in participating and/or attending.. there is room for everyone in the circle.
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Ritual Details [Nov. 1st, 2007|08:17 pm]
La Vispera de los Muertos

La Vispera de los Muertos is almost upon us! The idea of devoting
this weekend to connecting with our beloved dead gives me shivers, and
I can't wait to begin.

A few details about logistics:

Timing: Although the invitation said 5:00, we're asking folks to
arrive a little bit earlier than we'd originally planned to make the
most of the evening light. Please arrive as close to 4:00 as you can
if you don't intend to camp. This will allow time for visiting the
altars and getting situated before we begin. If you ARE camping, the
feel free to arrive any time after 12 noon to set up. You are welcome
to come earlier if you'd like, but we'll likely put you to work! We
will begin the ritual promptly at 5, and expect it to last for just
under 2 hours, but afterward everyone is very welcome to stay for
fireside fun! :)

Food: Everyone is encouraged to bring something *simple* for the
feast after the ritual. We will have fire, and bbq! Do make sure to
eat a good lunch beforehand, however.. magic is hungry work.

Altars: Many of the the altars will be an interactive experience and
you are welcome to bring items to place on them. Especially good for
this will be the ancestors altar, and you can bring photos,
memorabilia, booze, favorite foods of your loved ones, etc. Flowers
and other decorations are always welcome, too.

Camping: Entrance fees are taken care of, but I believe we're still
supposed to pay a $5 parking fee per car. Each car is supposed to
check in at the main gate, pay $5, and then backtrack to the Wurr Flat

Location: Google map is here:

Basically, take 84 West, continue over 35, turn left onto Pescadero
Road, which will curve around, and when it does continue right.. then
turn left at Wurr Flat road, and continue to the right until you see
our campsite on the right. Wurr Flat #2. If you reach the main park
entrance on Pescadero, you've gone too far.

A map of the actual park itself is here:

Gear: Whether or not you are camping, everyone should bring warm,
layered clothes, a blanket suitable for laying on, comfortable shoes,
and even a pillow if you'd like for sitting on during the trance
portion of the ritual. If you would like to lend a tarp to our
cause, we are also in need of a few of those. If you ARE camping,
then hopefully you will have appropriate gear. We'll have a campstove
and some basic cooking supplies. There are some extra spaces for the
tentless, but please be sure to let one of the organizers know so that
we can confirm a spot for you. Acoustic Instruments are welcome and

Site: Bathrooms are closeby and relatively nice. We will have a lot
of privacy, and there is plenty of parking and camping space. There
will be a fire, and you are welcome to stay as long as you like. We
may decide to stay up and vigil into the night, we may not. A lot
depends on temperature and weather and energy levels. The park is
lovely, so please do come early to explore if you'd like!

Offering Log: We are asking everyone to contribute some sort of
firewood for our bonfire. A box from the grocery store is fine, scrap
wood (with no nails, please!) is great, big logs even better. But the
only way we'll be able to keep the fire going all night is if we all
contribute to the fuel. Pictures of exes and hell money is great, but
that stuff burns fast.. we need logs, baybee!

There will be a little program to help guide us through the
aspects of the evening that some folks might not be familiar with, and we've
got a really wonderful group of people coming together from all sorts
of backgrounds.

The weather seems to be cooperating, and I think it's a go on all fronts.

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions..

It's coming together.. [Oct. 23rd, 2007|03:42 pm]
La Vispera de los Muertos

On Sunday, the ritual team and I met to discuss the final outline of the evening and get ourselves excited about the details. I am deeply moved by the concepts coming out of these discussions, and I'm sure all who attend will be very pleasantly surprised.

We are considering asking folks to arrive early to set up camp for themselves (if they are camping) and to view the altars. The space is very beautiful, and worth exploring. Maybe you'll become inspired to create a new altar from natural materials, or adorn yourself with huckleberries!

We'll let you know here, and by phone about any details that arise. Look for an update no later than Wednesday the 31st.

Also, please leave a comment here (anonymous comments okay as long as you sign them!) if you are planning on attending. We are trying to get a sense of scope, and still haven't heard from many people. Even if you think I know you're coming, please do comment.

Thank you, and blessed be!
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(no subject) [Sep. 9th, 2007|06:17 pm]
La Vispera de los Muertos

Welcome. You have been invited to join this community because one of the ritual organizers thinks that you might enjoy or benefit from our spiritual work. The ritual will be held in the coastal redwoods of La Honda on November 3rd, 2007, and will be a small, intimate celebration of our ancestors, those we have loved who have passed, and of their spirits that are now connected to all that is around us.

This is an inter-faith, pantheistic ritual wherein all beliefs are honored and given a chance to be expressed. We are currently preparing the ritual and already have elements and practitioners of wicca, thelema, judaism, buddhism, discordianism, catholicism, and more. The ritual structure will be loosely based on the annual Spiral Dance ritual that is held by the Reclaiming collective each year, and which Starhawk wrote about in the book The Spiral Dance. That said, there will be many differences and new explorations as the ritual takes shape and eventually is manifested by all who join in.

If you would like to attend, please leave a comment in one of the public posts, and we will add you to the 'when and where' filter of this journal. If you have friends who you feel would benefit, but whom the organizers do not already know personally, please have them write a comment or email (which they may screen if they wish) letting us know why they are interested in attending and from whom they got the invitation. I can't see a situation where someone would be denied, but because of the nature of this type of work we want to make sure that everyone feels safe within the circle.

Blessed be!
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(no subject) [Sep. 9th, 2007|11:33 am]
La Vispera de los Muertos

Solo La Muerte

Hay cementerios solos,
tumbas llenas de huesos sin sonido,
el corazón pasando un túnel
oscuro, oscuro, oscuro,
como un naufragio hacia adentro nos morimos,
como ahogarnos en el corazón,
como irnos cayendo desde la piel al alma.

Hay cadáveres,
hay pies de pegajosa losa fría,
hay la muerte en los huesos,
como un sonido puro,
como un ladrido sin perro,
saliendo de ciertas campanas, de ciertas tumbas,
creciendo en la humedad como el llanto o la lluvia.

Yo veo, solo, a veces,
ataúdes a vela
zarpar con difuntos pálidos, con mujeres de trenzas muertas,
con panaderos blancos como ángeles,
con niñas pensativas casadas con notarios,
ataúdes subiendo el río vertical de los muertos,
el río morado,
hacia arriba, con las velas hinchadas por el sonido
de la muerte,
hinchadas por el sonido silencioso de la muerte.

A lo sonoro llega la muerte
como un zapato sin pie, como un traje sin hombre,
llega a golpear con un anillo sin piedras y sin dedo,
llega a gritar sin boca, sin lengua,
sin garganta.
Sin embargo sus pasos suenan
y su vestido suena, callado como un árbol.

Yo no sé, yo conozco poco, yo apenas veo,
pero creo que su canto tiene color de violetas húmedas,
de violetas acostumbradas a la tierra,
porque la cara de la muerte es verde,
y la mirada de la muerte es verde,
con la aguda humedad de una hoja de voileta
y su grave color de invierno exasperado.

Pero la muerte va también por el mundo vestida de escoba,
lame el suelo buscando difuntos,
la muerte está en la escoba,
es la lengua de la muerte buscando muertos,
es la aguja de la muerte buscando hilo.

La muerte está en los catres:
en los colchones lentos, en las frazadas negras
vive tendida, y de repente sopla:
sopla un sonido oscuro que hincha sábanas,
y hay camas navegando a un puerto
en donde está esperando, vestida de almirante.

Only Death

There are lone cemeteries,
tombs filled with soundless bones,
the heart passing through a tunnel
dark, dark, dark;
like a shipwreck we die inward
like smothering in our hearts,
like slowly falling from our skin to our soul.

There are corpses,
there are feet of sticky, cold gravestone,
there is death in the bones,
like a pure sound,
like a bark without a dog,
coming from certain bells, from certain tombs,
growing in the dampness like teardrops or raindrops.

I see alone, at times,
coffins with sails
weighing anchor with pale corpses, with dead-tressed women,
with bakers white as angels,
with pensive girls married to notaries;
coffins going up the vertical river of the dead,
the dark purple river,
upward, with the sails swollen by the sound
of death,
swollen by the silent sound of death.

To resonance comes death
like a shoe without a foot, like a suit without a man,
she comes to knock with a stoneless and fingerless ring,
she comes to shout without mouth, without tongue,
without throat.
Yet her steps sound
and her dress sounds, silent as a tree.

I know little, I am not well acquainted, I can scarcely see,
but I think that her song has the color of moist violets,
of violets accustomed to the earth,
because the face of death is green,
and the gaze of death is green,
with the sharp dampness of a violet
and its dark color of exasperated winter.

But death also goes through the world dressed as a broom,
she licks the ground looking for corpses,
death is in the broom,
it is death’s tongue looking for dead bodies,
it is death’s needle looking for thread.

Death is in the cots:
in the slow mattresses, in the black blankets
she lives stretched out, and she suddenly blows:
she blows a dark sound that puffs out the sheets,
and there are beds sailing to a port
where she is waiting, dressed as an admiral.

- Pablo Neruda

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